Manifesto: Leadbay removes the guesswork from prospecting.

Jan 13, 2024

Leadbay Manifesto

Hi there 👋🏻,

We’re Ludo and Milan from leadbay.

We have teamed up with a little tech team and B2B Sales leaders from Google, Microsoft, Contentsquare and Scaleway.

We are building an AI made for B2B sales Reps. We are at the MVP stage, iterating on our first model called Leadbay COMPASS with a community of 200 B2B sales reps and with the Wonderbox B2B sales organization, including a team of 20 B2B sales reps.


B2B Sales Reps selling to mid-market (50-500 employee companies) waste 67% of their time on non-qualified leads.

  • B2B Sales Reps waste too much time listing and qualifying leads. Companies targeting the mid-market have a vast Target Addressable Market (TAM), difficult to map and prioritise. Most of the Sales Reps' job consists of searching for leads and contacting them to qualify, in stead of actually selling.

  • Data about mid-market leads either doesn’t exist or is disorganised in silos. The lack of data makes it difficult for general AI and data providers to offer valuable insights.

  • Current outbound practices are becoming increasingly noisy and less effective.

  • Existing tools require a high budget and a skilled team, making them inappropriate for a mass-adoption.


  • AI models specifically tailored for B2B sales. It leverages both external and internal companies knowledge to provide insights to B2B sales reps. This process supercharges Leadbay's input knowledge, enhancing its predictive power and enabling it to address any B2B sales in the world, regardless of the quantity or quality of available data. We refer to this as a domain-specific model.

  • Configurable and integrated into the B2B sales workflow. The Sales Reps work hand-in-hand with the AI. The AI is integrated and indexed with internal company knowledge. 1-click integration to get started.

How we help

Our first model is called - Leadbay COMPASS - today made for B2B lead gen addressing the specific needs of the sales reps:

  • Set its Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), instantly analyze millions of data points within the market (external data) and within your company (internal data) to precisely define the category of leads ready to buy your product/service,

  • Generate the right lead at the right time with the right context, by mapping your Target Addressable Market (TAM) and identifying which leads are most likely to buy today and why,

  • Predict revenue growth, by linking your next leads with your previously successful deals to predict potential revenue growth,

For who

We first target the new generation of B2B sales reps - millennials and genZ - who are native with AI applications and with whom we built our product design and interactions. Here are their specificities,

  • They target the mid-market (50-500 employee companies),

  • They mostly use tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, Lusha, Cognism and sometimes even… nothing,

  • They are working in sales-led organisations mostly in the B2B software, professional services and in the manufacturing industries.

Who we are

We met 2 years ago and quickly developed synergies in complementarity,

  • Ludo is the community-driven GenZ entrepreneur, closely connected to B2B sales reps, having gathered a community of 200+ Sales Reps. Former head of ventures at Inovexus.

  • Milan is the AI scientist, leveraging information-poor data for AI (60+ publications). Founder of 2 startups, 1 sold. (Sépage, Blindnet)

We are teaming up with two exceptional tech profiles, including Amaury (Back-end dev) and JB (Front-end dev). Our team is backed and supported by founders and B2B sales operators from Google, Microsoft, Contentsquare and Scaleway.

Some takes:

  • Community-led growth comes with network effect, leveraging our expanding community as a fast track to product-market fit and growth,

  • Build an Euro-US leader from Europe, benefiting from the best tech talents in Paris, while targeting a EURO-US PMF,

  • Become the programming language for B2B sales. We envision AI at the heart of sales reps’ instinct. AI prediction, inferred affinities, trends, similarities, probabilities as “variables” of a Sales programming language to automate campaigns, personalize interactions, anticipate needs, adapt timing, forecast and learn.

Our ask

  • Participate / share about our pre-launch program for 50 B2B Sales Reps

    • 24-months program at -50% to leverage our latest models for B2B Sales,

    • Request your access here.

  • Participate / share about our pre-launch program for Sales Org (10/30 B2B Sales Reps/Org), person in charge CEO/Head of Revenue/Sales

    • Design partners program to leverage our latest models for B2B Sales Org,

    • Request your access here.

  • Talents, we are recruiting for Q1.24, especially 2 interns in the front-end & back-end dev team,

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