Leadbay Keynote 1: AI Model for B2B Sales unveiled

May 15, 2024

On Tuesday, May 14th, Leadbay hosted its first keynote. Leadbay predicts and guides mid-market B2B sales teams to their best prospects seamlessly. Leadbay's model analyzes your past transactions to predict your next customers.

This article warms up the event in 4 parts:

  1. Ludovic Granger, Co-founder & CEO of Leadbay - AI model for B2B sales

  2. Guillaume Couet, User - How a traditional sales organization (Home Spirit) uses Leadbay to develop a new market segment?

  3. Joris Seznec, Angel & Head of Sales, Google Workspace France & Benelux - How will data and AI change mid-market sales?

  4. Milan Stankovic, PhD, Co-founder & CTO of Leadbay - Understanding user challenges and innovation roadmap

1. “Leadbay started to train a model specifically designed for B2B Sales” by Ludovic Granger, CEO


Leadbay was born from 200 B2B sales reps' top pain points interviews. We’ve identified the largest pain point B2B sales reps are facing today:

  • B2B Sales teams waste 70% of their time on leads that will never close.

Team & unique insight

We’re teaming up with B2B sales leaders desperate to solve this problem at Google, Microsoft, Contentsquare, Wonderbox, Scaleway, and Meta, who have joined Leadbay as angels and customers.

We’re leveraging Milan’s unique practice leveraging information-data for AI.


We’ve confirmed all our pre-seed tech and business hypotheses and are now ready to distribute our solution to many.

2. “Leadbay will let us do 4 years of turnover in 1” by Guillaume Couet, Head of Business Growth at HomeSpirit


Guillaume Couet is the Head of Business Growth at Home Spirit, a 60-year-old family business producing and distributing sofas in the B2B market. They used to sell their sofas to large shops like Maison du Monde or large hotel groups like Accor Hotels.

Guillaume faced difficulties launching Home Spirit into a new market segment called “contracts,” which includes all SMBs in the hotel, restaurant, and architect segments.

Guillaume had no CRM, just some names in his billing software and a list of 4,000 contract accounts from a friend


Not publicly distributed - request access to ludo@leadbay.ai

How did you react when first seen Leadbay ?

  • Relaxed !

  • Leadbay is intuitive, “Even Michel, 67yo who never use a CRM will start using it for the Sout-Est region

  • Fast results, “It would have taken us months and months to identify those leads I didn’t know”.

How are your using Leadbay today ?

  • Exporting leads,

  • Exploring new market clusters,

  • So looking forward to training the Leadbay model with our new deal successes to always achieve better predictability.

Do you have early KPIs to share ?

Leadbay will let us do 4 years of turnover in 1”:

  • Lead to deal conversion rate: x4 “I eliminate 100% of those who waste my time.”

  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost): From 750€ to 77€

3. “Leadbay is the first model teaching a machine what is a good lead and what is not, the same way I’m teaching my 22-month-old daughter what is a cat and what is not.” by Joris Seznec, Head of Google Workspace France & Benelux


Joris Seznec is an angel and advisor at Leadbay. He is also the Head of Sales for France & Benelux at Google Workspace. At Google, Capgemini, and Esri France, Joris developed deep expertise in selling tech products to the mass market.

How did your Sales Team is using AI for sales today ?

Our sales team uses Google Gemini all day long to summarize emails, documents, email copywriting, and marketing copywriting. However, I believe we are only at the first 1% of what AI will do for sales jobs tomorrow.

The reason we still have 99% left to discover with AI is that AI is not yet trained for specific B2B sales use cases.

What is changing in the Sales job today with AI?

Too many pings, too many emails, too many platforms, too much noise for prospects.

At this stage, AI brings only more noise for prospects. It allows sales reps to contact more people with personalization. Every morning, I find 20 new BDR emails that I don’t open anymore. This quantitative practice won’t last long.

What opportunities do you see in AI for B2B Sales?

Seeing Leadbay entering this market, I see them bringing the next and more efficient AI wave — high targeting.

  • Leadbay helps qualify leads, ensuring B2B sales contact only leads who want to talk to us.

  • And not (yet) covered by Leadbay, highly targeted content creation ensuring B2B sales reps have the right information to convert a lead into a deal.

We’re at the beginning of the AI story, and I am not sure anyone is working on a model trained for B2B sales as quickly as Leadbay started to do.

Why did you invest in Leadbay?

  • The team. I found Ludo extremely convincing. He understands the market problem very well and has teamed up with Milan, one of the tech scientists able to solve this. Ludo also attracted really cool people in that I am glad to be a part of.

  • The pain. Nobody today can correctly map their target market. You may think that people have the data, but they don’t. Bringing data and AI prediction is something we can do today and that could become game-changing for B2B sales.

  • The solution. Leadbay is solving a pain by bringing data to the underserved mid-market. Then, with AI, I found it incredibly interesting to teach a machine what a good lead is and what it is not, just as I am teaching my 22-month-old daughter what a cat is and what it is not.

4. “At Leadbay, I am back on the student bench, learning every day from end users and moving scientifically fast with good product velocity.” by Milan Stankovic, PhD, CTO


Milan Stankovic, PhD, is a renowned scientist known for his (60+ publications) on leveraging information-poor data for AI. He is a member of the Research Council of Sorbonne. He sold his first AI project leveraging that practice in the travel industry and missed the shot during COVID with his second one.

Milan told us yesterday that he is back on the student bench, learning every day from end users. Milan spent a lot of time in the field, in call rooms with B2B sales reps, looking over their shoulders to see how much time they were using their CRM and Google (a lot), and societe.com only to qualify if a lead was good or not for their product. He was shocked by how many leads a B2B sales rep had to contact every day to close only a few.

This is the first time in the B2B sales industry that such skills are being put into practice. His unique expertise and this new world of opportunity with AI technologies aim to change the B2B sales job forever.


  • Sales Reps look for companies all the time.

  • Data collection & qualification is the most time consuming.

  • Rich data about companies is not a solved problem.

Team speed & velocity

With a small team of four tech engineers, we’ve achieved high speed and velocity in our product roadmap, releasing one new version of the product per week and one key new feature per month. This is due to our intensive market research and continuous iteration with paid users (pre-launch program). We know extremely well where we’re going and are making fast pivots to always meet end-user needs.

Product releases

January 2024

January 2024

February 2024

February 2024

May 2024

What’s next?

Milan is looking forward to presenting Keynote 2 to unveil what’s next. Our 18-month roadmap is ready to deploy, and we know that it will be highly valuable for mid-market B2B sales.

  • Market data: More data/countries

  • Customers data: Better integrations

  • Seamless Navigability: Feed, Prompts, Addiction

How you can help ?

  • Early users. Best fit for “stressed B2B sales leaders targeting >500 employee companies exploring a new market segment”

  • Funding. In the process to raise a larger round. We’re interested in

    • B2B Sales Leaders (Head of Sales, Growth, Exited Business CEO) - ready to share experience, expertise & network.

    • Global VC funds who think global from day 1, have experience & network with B2B sales leaders, and know how to position themselves early and can support us on the path to high growth & exit.

    • 👉🏼 contact me to ludo@leadbay.ai

  • Talents. Open positions are:

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